Don Carlos 2986 of 8 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

International Competition

Copa Cervezas de América

In 2011, we brought Copa Cervezas de América to life, a competition that has blossomed into a prominent international event. With the spirit of celebrating our shared passion, we created a vibrant gathering space where the brewing community comes together. We foster the love for beer and cultivate the exchange of experiences to promote the rich beer culture in Latin America. In our tenth edition, we commemorate our achievements and celebrate our journey in a magnificent style.

Semana Cervecera

de Los Ríos, November 6th to 12th

Immerse yourself in a week of beer delight at Copa Cervezas de América. Discover the magic of our 'Semana Cervecera,' a space dedicated to celebrating the passion for beer. Experience captivating moments, share laughter and toasts with the craft beer community. Let joy guide you and create unforgettable memories. Join us and celebrate beer at its finest!



Can you imagine yourself participating in an experience that will bring together great names in the Cervejeira Culture in one place? The Conference will feature live exhibitions from renowned brewers in the market who will share their knowledge and experiences in this environment. This is a unique opportunity to learn and be even closer to the culture we love so much.

Cervezas de América Beer Festival

November 11th

Celebrate beer culture at the Festival Cervezas de América. Join us in Valdivia to enjoy a selection of the best artisanal beers from Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, winners of the 2022 edition. Immerse yourself in a family-friendly atmosphere with vibrant music, where beer passion merges with the lively culture of the Region of Los Ríos. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

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