Don Carlos 2986 of 8 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.


Copa Cervezas de América

We created an international competition, where beers from all over the continent participate. Through this competition we promote the development of the artisanal beer industry, positioning the winning beers in the market by giving them medals that certify quality. Focused on beer education, we give all participants tasting notes or evaluations made by expert beer judges. We boast the highest amount of competing countries and the best breweries in America.


Why participate?

Measure yourself with the best beers in the continente. 
We showcase the winning beers: the medals provide market quality certification.
Renowned judges will assess your beer’s qualities and attributes.
We give tasting notes so that participants can improve their beers.
We developed groundbreaking software to deliver digital tasting notes.
Evaluations are according to “2015 BJCP Style Guide”.
We protect your beer samples at the drop off sites with cold storage.



We award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the best labels. We reward best brewery and beer from each country that participates with more than 100 samples. The greatest prize is continental, which awards the winning brewery in America and the best American beer.