Don Carlos 2986 of 8 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

Drop off Sites for Samples

In order to simplify beer shipments, we have created alliances with local actors in several countries in the American continent, receiving samples in a single place and making a standardized shipment that allows:

  • Decreasing shipment costs for participants in these countries.
  • Decreasing the risk of samples breaking.
  • Improving storage and shipping conditions of the samples.

Sample shipping dates.

In order to guarantee a level playing field, all samples from all countries must be delivered on the same date.

Costos de Transporte.

Instructions for shipping samples.

We receive simples in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and USA and ship them to Chile. In other countries we have partner companies that receive samples, make the shipment and charge according to the volume of the bundle.

Country Cost
Brasil US$20
Argentina US$15
Chile US$0
México US$35
Others Each brewery pays for its own shipping