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Each beer is assessed by a panel of expert judges who fill out a Tasting Sheet through specialized software and identify each beers’ strengths and possible improvements. It’s a great chance to receive an evaluation with comments and suggestions made by the most discerning palates in the continent.

Blind tasting

according to beer style Each beer is assessed by an internationally renowned panel of judges who perform a blind tasting according to the BJCP style definitions.

2015 BJCP Style Guidelines

In order to set the parameters for an objective evaluation, the judges assess the samples according to the “2015 BJCP Style Guidelines”. 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines


internationally renowned The beers are assessed by respected judges that, in addition to scoring, provide comments and possible improvement for each one of the competing beers.

Only for professional breweries

Beers that are commercially sold in the American continent prior to the competition may participate, regardless of production site.

We have cold storage to

Protect your beers. Beer can be fragile and delicate. This is why we maintain cold chain logistics, ensuring that your beer reaches the competition in optimal conditions.

Legal bases

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