Don Carlos 2986 of 8 Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
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Amanda Reitenbach

Brewing Scientist, since her graduation, has been dedicated to the study of beer and its adjacent themes. She has recently obtained her Doctor’s degree with a project developed at Germany’s Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) e.V. Among her most recent works, she is also responsible for founding and being the CEO of the Science of Beer Institute, which focuses at beer education with several courses in different cities, being a finalist at the “Sinapse de Inovação” contest, with the theme: Probiotic Beer, Beer Sommelier (SENAC/Doemens Academy). As a sommelière, Amanda executes several different works in the gastronomic sphere. She is also one of of the idealizers and coordinator/professor of beer processes at Uniasselvi/Blumenau, a course that prepares professionals for working in the beer market.